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Ship salvage operation off Canterbury coast scrapped

The operation to raise sunken fishing vessel Jubilee from the depths of the ocean just off the coast of Canterbury has been abandoned, with poor weather making the attempt impossible.



The ship sank in October last year and saw three crew members lose their lives. The desire to raise the ship off the sea bed 45-meters down and 22km from the shore was going to be used to find out why it sank, but the focus has shifted.

Instead, salvage divers have been sent down to the ship to film it and to recover artifacts that can be used in the investigation. The final report is only expected to be finished in October, a year after the Jubilee sank.

Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) chief investigator Captain Tim Burfoot was quoted as saying on Newshub.co.nz:”Unfortunately the weather patterns have deteriorated so rather than face the risk of the Jubilee being stuck in shallow water in bad weather, we have decided to send the salvage divers down.”

Crew members Jared Reese Husband, 47, Paul Russell Bennett, 35, and Terry Donald Booth, 55, died when the ship sank, and all three bodies were recovered and returned to their families.