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Sajid Javid MP: UK’s first Black Secretary of State

This is the first time a Black and Minority Ethnic politician has held such a post.


Sajid_Javid_4I wonder when Sajid Javid woke up this morning he was aware he would make British history.

By midday the Prime Minister had made him Secretary of State for Culture and Media.

What’s even more astonishing is that unlike other Cabinet members who populate the Governments Cabinet, Javid who is the son of a bus driver was state-educated.

Simon Woolley from Operation Black Vote stated:

“This is a truly historical moment not just for the Muslim and other minority communities but for all of us. A working class kid from the Rochdale has one of the most important political jobs in the country.

Let’s hope this signals the flood-gates to open in regards to greater diversity at the highest level. Talent in politics and business can come from all communities and all backgrounds, it just needs the opportunity to flourish.”

With 168 marginal seats which could be decided by the Black and Minority Ethnic vote in the 2015 General Election, this is also a shrewd move by the Prime Minister.