Russia warns US of ‘precise and painful’ response to sanctions

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Russia warns US of ‘precise and painful’ response to sanctions

Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Valentina Matvienko, has warned the United States and its allies against any plans to implement sanctions against that country.


She said Russia was not to be trifled with, adding that any reaction from the Kremlin would be targeted and painful for those who dare to cross Russia.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, told Americans that plans were afoot to implement sanctions against Russia at the weekend. However, those plans now appear further from being implemented than ever before.

Matvienko’s comments this week have provided the first clear signal as to why that might be.

“No one should be under any illusions,” Matvienko told the Interfax News Agency this week.

“Russia’s response to the sanctions, our so-called counter-sanctions, will be precise, painful, and without question sensitive for exactly those countries that imposed them (the sanctions) on Russia,” added Matvienko.

“Sanctions are a double-edged sword and those who impose them should understand that sanctions against countries, especially those like Russia, will carry with them risks of serious consequences for those who impose them,” she said.



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