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Rockquest winners Head Chef find the perfect mix

Riding off their win at Smokefree Rockquest last year, Head Chef have just released their debut music video: Think of Me.


Having recently returned from their tour of Fiji, HeadChef release their new music single Think of Me, recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland.

Head Chef

The tour and recordings were booty from their win at Smokefree Rockquest in November. Think of Me has been up briefly on Youtube and gathered 4K+ views so far without radio air play, answering the song’s catchy question “what do you think of me?” with a stonking thumbs up.

HeadChef have just graduated from Wellington High School and are stoked with their success so far which also includes gigs at State Opera House and The James Cabaret, playing the frenetic Fijian ‘Schoolies’ Cruise and winning The Audience wildcard chart competition.

After their win, HeadChef were delighted. “It’s such a relief to come out on top especially after such a close competition.” They describe their sound as the fertile ground between “vibey and buzzy” and draw from elements of reggae, funk, pop and the “Wellie sound”. In November they featured on TV 4’s Smokefree Rock Quest series.

Head Chef

Think of Me’s video has live projections making a psychedelic series of images and patterns on the bands members skin and the backdrop, all slickly cut together by Commotion Limited Plus who also recorded the band for the Rockquest TV shows.

The song developed quickly, from singer/guitarist Leon van Dijk bringing in a few chords and snatches of lyrics, the band worked together, boldly and excitedly to develop Think of Me’s warm breezy energy. Mentor Mike Fabulous from theBlack Seeds helped knock the arrangement and harmonies into shape.

“The result is a song that’s groove is true. We hit a mix that gets an instant reaction from our audiences. For them its the perfect cruisey vibe.”

Source: www.nznewsuk.co.uk