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Pub roast reward after the Late Autumn Touch League

How does a game of Touch and then a lekker pub roast with your teammates on a Sunday afternoon sound?


Pic 1 - 19 Oct

If it whets your appetite then you will be interested in our Late Autumn Sunday League at Clapham Common. Teams gather every Sunday after playing their touch games and look forward to spending the afternoon relaxing.

Pic 2 - Oct

The Late Autumn Touch League is played at Clapham Common near the Clapham South Tube Station and is one of the most popular venues in London. The league uses a normal format of touch with 40 minute games where teams will play each team in their division and then go into Semi Finals and Finals over a six week period.

Pic 5 -  19 Oct

There will be grading games in the first week, depending on numbers, to determine which divisions the teams will be placed in for the season. We do provide positions in a team of individuals or even in existing teams that require fillers, if you don’t already have a full team to register yourself.

Pic 4 -  19 Oct

Contact Tracy at [email protected] and she can place you into a team and division of your choice. We want everyone to get out there, get involved in a team where you can actively participate, meet new people and socialise while having tons of fun each week!

Clapham Common Late Autumn Touch League – Sundays
Mens, Mixed and Ladies Divisions
Starts Sunday 9 November – six week league
Games start at 12pm – 40 minute games

If you don’t want to spend your Sunday’s playing touch then we do have new Active Touch Leagues coming up during the week. Come and see what the fuss is about. Active Touch is played with four players on the court with at least two females on the court at any one time and you can have up to ten players in your team.

Pic 3 -  19 Oct

An awesome game incorporating elements of touch, netball, ultimate Frisbee and basketball. Once you have played one game, we know you will be hooked. The first weeks game will be a get to know it session for beginners and intermediates alike, where you will learn more about the game and how to play it, with league games starting from the second week.

Active Touch Leagues (New Indoor Sport that you will love)
Canary Wharf on Mondays & Wandsworth on Tuesdays & Thursdays
Mondays start on the 3 November, Tuesday starts on the 28 October & Thursday starts on the 30 October.
Mondays (19:00 on wards), Tuesdays & Thursdays (18:30 – 19:30) Games are 30 minutes long.

So don’t delay in entering your teams otherwise you might miss out on the action!

If you have any questions about any of the leagues please send an e-mail to [email protected] or for more information you can browse the website www.in2touch.com/uk