Prince Charles awarded NZ military titles

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Prince Charles awarded NZ military titles

New Zealand Republic has questioned the value of awarding Prince Charles three honorary titles in the country’s armed forces.


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The Prince of Wales will be appointed Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal New Zealand Navy, Field Marshal for the New Zealand Army and Marshal of the Royal New Zealand Air Force when he visits in November

Lewis Holden, chair of New Zealand Republic, an organization which campaigns for independence from the United Kingdom, said the titles were not necessary.

“Prince Charles served in the Royal Navy for a little while and good on him, but that’s part of the UK military and not the New Zealand military,” he told

“This should focus people’s minds on the question, ‘why is it that we have these honorary positions in a military that don’t actually mean anything’, and that just add to the pile of titles that the royals have.”

The news was welcomed by the BJ Clark, president of the Returned and Services’ Association, and John Key, New Zealand’s prime minister.

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