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Prince Charles angry at Kiwis for taking the mickey

An unearthed letter written by Prince Charles has revealed how he became irritated when New Zealanders made fun of him after he fell off a horse.


prince charles

When the prince was a much younger man, he was mocked after taking a head-first tumble in a polo match. 

According to the Daily Mail, Charles wrote in a letter in 1981 while on a visit to New Zealand that he was determined to “make the New Zealanders laugh out the other side of their faces” for mocking his fall.

In the letter, the younger Charles also said he might go “demented” if he had to answer another child’s question about “what it was like to be a prince”, and he complained about “nonsense” he was having to put up with.

But it was the jibes about his fall that clearly irked the prince the most.

“Kindless, fallacious remarks and references about me falling off horses are starting to get through to me. It seems as though the main thing they know about me out here!” he wrote.

The letter in question has been released as part of the Prince’s correspondence, which were made public as the result of a Freedom of Information request and following five years of legal battles.