Pretty s**t story sees poo emojis infest Waikato River

Campaign group Action Station organised a protest that saw 50 inflatable poo emojis floated on the Waikato River recently.



Action Station were protesting the New Zealand government’s new freshwater standards, ahead of the environmentally conscious National Party members’ meeting.

“Cut the crap, National,” the protestors shouted, watching the poo emojis drift across Lake Ohakuri.

“We decided to have some fun with the emojis to illustrate our point, but this is not a light hearted issue,” said Action Station campaigner Laura O’Connell-Rapira, who is concerned the proposed new water standards won’t better the quality, but instead result in more ecoli in the water.

“The government is being clever with words around water standards but we would rather they cleaned up our rivers. We are now planning to do the same thing in Wellington Harbour.”