Popular Australasian franchise hits the UK

Following great success in Australia and New Zealand, Local Appliance Rentals Ltd is now inviting new franchisees to join them in growing the business in Britain.




Local Appliance Rentals Ltd is an established franchise with over 80 franchisees in Australia and New Zealand.  They have achieved this outstanding result in less than three years of operations.  They are now proud to announce that they have recently appointed a master franchisee for the London region alone.

However, as founder and CEO Kenneth French points out, “Prior to starting our franchise operation, we had been running Local Appliance Rentals for many years and had a very profitable business model that we wanted to share with others.”

Local Appliance Rentals Ltd rents a large range of household appliances to consumers including fridges, washing machines, flat screen TVs, laptops, smart phones and furniture.  The rental term is usually over two years and the customer is able to own the product at the end of the rental term through a zero pound ‘gift-it’ offer.

The rental industry is well established in the UK with several large to medium sized operators.  However, until now, there has not been an opportunity to join a franchised operation.

In these tough economic times, the industry has proven to be totally recession proof.  With so many businesses struggling during the Global Financial Crisis, Local Appliance Rentals Ltd actually experienced substantial growth with sales unaffected by the difficult economic circumstances  In fact, Mr French said it was sometimes embarrassing talking about how well their business was doing whereas many other businesses had only tales of doom and gloom.

Mr French says that the rapid growth that Local Appliance Rentals Ltd has achieved in less than three years is only possible because of the massive performance that is being achieved from their franchisees.

Mr French comments, “Many of our franchisees have voted with their cheque books, with twelve of our franchisees having purchased multiple territories and another 15 having upgraded their territories to the next level as they have decided to expand their businesses.”

Mr French said that just recently they have even had a staff member who has left their role at head office to become a franchisee. As he says, “You can’t get a better endorsement of the business than that.”

The majority of franchisees work from home and love the flexibility that this gives them and the fact that it is a business that only operates Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with no nights, weekends or public holidays.  This is in stark contrast to so many other business models where owners are working long hours, 7 days a week.

“With a Local Appliance Rentals Ltd franchise, the hours that you work are flexible and there are many franchises operated by women who can run the business from home but can also pick up the kids from school,” says Mr French.

One of the features of this franchise is the online software system called SAFRA.  This custom software is used to run the entire business from producing contracts, to ordering goods, keeping track of payments and customers and making your tax simple and easy to calculate at the end of the year.

Launching in June at the British Franchise Exhibition in Manchester, potential franchisees had an opportunity to meet the team including the International Sales Director Mr Sacha Caller. Mr Caller is himself a multi-unit franchisee with several franchises in and around Melbourne that are already running successfully under his management.

“We are looking for keen motivated franchisees in all areas of the UK but we also have several opportunities for master franchisees for the more experienced operator,” Mr Caller said.

Mr Caller says that they are making a special UK launch offer of 2 territories for the price of 1 for the first five franchisees.

Visit: www.localappliancerentals.co.uk

Contact: [email protected]

Call: 07773339444

Entry level investment from GBP£49,577+vat