Pokies and beyond, online gambling in NZ

Online ‘pokies’ – short for ‘poker machine’ – remain the most played online game in New Zealand with hundreds, of not thousands of different versions and styles being developed. And it will not stop with online casino developers creating even more and better casino games for to cater for every taste and preference.

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One of the main reasons for it’s popularity, says players, is the bright, rich graphics of video pokies, emulating the original – or traditional – pub style fruit of yonder years.
It is not surprising then that massive investments are made to ensure online gambling is simple and enjoyable on computer, tabloid and mobile devices.   Online casinos like instacasino now present players with non-stop gaming options as well as the widest selection of gaming choices. The goal is for users to have just as much fun as playing in a land casino with the added bonus that they can enjoy it on the go, anywhere and any place.
In fact, instacasino use the world’s foremost casino software companies to developed platforms to support the most popular devices and games in a simplified and enjoyable way to make the traditional popular online casino games such as classic roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, keno and many more games even more enjoyable. Old casino-style entertainment such as bingo, scratch cards and royal derby horse racing is also getting regular make-overs with the emphasis on thrill and entertainment.
As always, no-one can have fun if it is not safe. Only play with reputable sites and look out for the following tell-tale signs to identify dodgy gaming sites:
  1. Increased chatter on forums… There are several general forums for casinos, poker and betting. Make sure you log regularly to see where fellow gamers are experiencing a possible problem.
  2. Cash payouts are slowing down…If a cash was paid in one week and it now takes five, chances are there ís a financial issue. Yet, if sites have the reputation to pay on a specific date of each month – like instacasino’s affiliate program HonestPartners.com, which has built a strong reputation for paying on the 10th of each month – you know you are in good and honest hands.
  3. Support staff avoid you… If any of your questions are being dodged, be sceptical.
  4. The site tries to offer reasons not to pay… If a gambling site tries to cite reasons such as breaking terms and conditions not to pay, it’s a reason to be worried. Legit companies will give players the benefit of the doubt.