Pokemon GO walks organised for New Zealand cities

The Pokemon GO craze has not side-stepped New Zealand, with nearly all the major cities in the country planning mass walks, where people join up to search for the elusive little cartoon monsters.


The game, where your phone tells you where the Pokemon are in your real life, via your screen, has seemingly taken over the world, and walks in Hamilton, Christchurch, and Wellington are set to attract thousands.

But the Auckland walk, which was planned for Saturday afternoon, has been postponed to 6 August after the organisers did not get permission from the city council in time.

The organisers told One News that it was “disappointing that the Council wouldn’t prioritise this event”. Over 500 people  had already responded to the Facebook event notification, apparently.

Elsewhere in the world, some cities have been forced to use their electronic roadside notice boards to warn people against driving and playing the game, while the Holocaust museum in Washington DC had to ask people not to play inside the memorial.