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Over 400 teams at Spring O2 Touch Leagues

With touch rugby becoming more popular than ever, it’s about time you signed up so you can see what it’s all about.


This week we saw the start of all our O2 Touch London Spring leagues in action with venues in Regents Park, Clapham Common, Surrey Quays, Hyde Park, Richmond, Putney and Wandsworth. There was some hot touch action on the fields and some even hotter action in our after match pub venues. Spring O2 Touch Leagues hit record numbers.

This years O2 Touch Spring leagues have surpassed all previous O2 Touch League team numbers with a record number of over 400 teams getting involved on the fields! This is a fantastic result and really confirms that touch is one of the fastest growing team sports around. With the Rugby World Cup this year and Rugby Sevens making its debut at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, we are sure these numbers will only sky rocket over the next few years

Which team has the best team name?

Win an O2 Touch Rugby Ball
We have many great and wonderful team names that some of our teams come up with. Some we can write here, while others we almost certainly can’t! Some of out favourites are: Ralph Wiggums Wingmen, Hoof Hearted , Hot Custard, Bar Studs, Hakuna Ma Toucha and Yippee Try Yay!

Have you got a better touch name for a team? If you think you have, send it in to[email protected] and the best two names submitted will each win an O2 Touch Rugby ball.

Touch quote of the week
The quote of the week comes from one of our individual players, Catherine Sharp, who joined a team never having played touch before: “At first I was really nervous putting my name down on the website as an individual to join a team, having not even touched a touch rugby ball before! I needn’t have worried as the O2 Touch venue manager, Mike, was so welcoming and introduced me to my teammates who all turned out to be great fun. We had two 20 minute games and it turned out that I wasn’t quite as terrible as I thought I was going to be. My team mates and referee helped me with some of the rules and I really enjoyed it! I am really glad I have joined the team and now we are looking to hopefully winning a few matches.”

Get involved
If you would like to sign up either as an individual or a team then you can send us an email to[email protected] or have a look on our website, www.in2touch.com/uk for more information about the O2 leagues in London. There is still time to get your teams into the O2 Touch Spring Season or even enter as an individual, if you are not part of a team as yet.