Outdoor activities in France

We all know France for its particular lifestyle that is known as “savoir vivre”.



FRANCE is a country that offers something for everyone. We all know France for its particular lifestyle that is known as “savoir vivre”, the ability to enjoy life and make the best of it. This is especially true when it comes to food – there’s nothing the French enjoy more than some good French meal and a bottle of wine.

France has huge cities like Paris, Lyon, Lille and Marseille as well as small and cozy countryside villages. The capital Paris with its more than 11 million inhabitants is by far the biggest city since France is a centralist country. The temperatures range from Mediterranean climates on the Atlantic coast in the West and on the East Coast to average temperatures in central France and on its northern and Eastern borders.

The relatively versatile climate and the scenic diversity allow for a variety of different outdoor activities like surfing on the Atlantic coast and mountain biking, climbing or skiing in the more mountainous regions like the Pyrenees or the French part of the Alps in the East of the country.

Always mandatory: the right equipment

France can definitely be recommended as a holiday destination. People who enjoy sightseeing will be as pleased as will more sporty people who prefer some action during their holidays.

If you are planning on doing some sports in your holidays, keep in mind that the right equipment is essential not only for having fun but also in terms of safety. For example, if you want to go skiing or snowboarding, supplies like Snowtrex.co.uk  have a large variety of great pieces you might need.

If you prefer to go biking or hiking, check your equipment on a regular basis if you brought it along for your holidays. If you rent it locally, chances are good that you can rely on it working properly. Nonetheless, a critical glance is always recommended; after all, what you want least is having an accident due to bad equipment.

IMAGE: Mountain Biker (Francois via Wiki Commons)