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Only in NZ! Defendant has manhood measured in court to prove innocence

What’s the most embarrassing scenario you can think of? Because we reckon having a judge telling you to expose yourself in court is right up there.


A man had his penis measured in a New Zealand courthouse on Tuesday after the woman accusing him of indecent assault gave evidence about the size of his member, reports said.

The bizarre situation arose as part of the defendant’s case. He is trying to prove he didn’t sexually assault one of his staff members in 2017.

David Scott, an elected councillor from Kapiti, near Wellington, has pleaded not guilty to rubbing his genitals against a female council staffer at a function last year.

The trial of David Scott

The woman said the object she felt touch her back was four to five inches (10-12 centimetres) long, the stuff.co.nz news site reported.

In a highly unusual move, judge Peter Hobbs then allowed Scott’s doctor to take the 72-year-old to the court’s holding cells to measure his penis with a wooden ruler.

Hobbs suppressed the resulting measurement from public disclosure, Radio New Zealand reported. The length of his manhood became a focal point of the trial, given that the claimant estimated the length of what touched her.

By agreeing to the move – which you’re never likely to see in another courtroom ever again – Scott was effectively saying he just didn’t measure up, one way or other.

Whether he’s fallen short or gone above and beyond, it’s knowledge that only the judge and the doctor are aware of.

Scott’s defence argues that the complainant, who has not been named, felt his wallet accidentally touch her as he moved past.

But the accuser said the offending object pressing into her back could not have been a wallet, phone or insulin kit, and was, in fact, male genitalia.

The trial continues.



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