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An O2 Touch team by any other name would not play as sweet

With all London venues now in full swing, touch rugby madness is sweeping this fine capital of ours. From Monday to Thursday nights – you will see players pouring from the tube stops, off buses or cycling in some pretty amazing kit.


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All teams that registered and paid for the spring season received free (yes, free) O2Touch reversible touch shirts (if you keep an eye out on the parks and common, you will be sure to spot one).

However, some teams chose to be different, they want to dress how they play – with flair.

Taking the pitches of Clapham Common, you will spot fluro, striped – neon coloured rugby shirts fashionably paired with some remarkable leopard print playing shorts. Yes, they are none other than – THE JIBBERS! With skill and ability to match the outfit, they pull it off like no other team could.
Another team taking the fashion pitches, are the amazing “London Moths – like the wasps, except we stay out later at night”. Each week they take to the field like a runway in their amazing Batman themed shirts (and underwear over the shorts of course).

With fashion pushed to the limits on the pitch, that isn’t the only place teams will indulge in a little creativity.
Another season, another game – and another chance for teams to ‘outwit and out name’. With the usual suspects of Touching Cloth, Touch n Go…and any MC Hammer references (Can’t Touch This, You Can’t Touch this) each new season brings a new set of names into the mix.

With a handful of the most outrageous, creative, hilarious, socially current – and downright ‘hitting the nail on the head’ names, we give you – the Top Spring Team Names of 2014 (so far).

We have the play on words team of ‘Mother Touchers’.
Keeping up with the times, we have the Carly Rae Jepsen fans in the team delightfully titled – ‘Touch Me Maybe’. ‘Divine Interception’ is another fantastic use of touch terminology.
Then we have ‘Show me on the Teddy Bear’, ‘Switcharoos’, ‘Bunch of Flankers’ and the ever popular ‘Ralph Wiggums Wingmen’.
We then have some great names that definitely give away it is a mixed team – ‘Holes and Poles’ & ‘Nuts & Bolts’ would be two of the best.
It’s not only our social teams though that love the play on names though – our Superleague teams also have fun with it! Playing in the mixed division, we have two well-known London teams, Bareback Riders and Hot Custard!

With Spring names already setting the bar, what will Summer have in store…??
To find out which other team names are setting a trend or even to enter your own team or join as an individual, go to www.in2touch.com/uk or email [email protected] or [email protected]