NZ’s gender gap still too wide

NZ’s gender gap still too wide

With a gender pay gap, women in NZ are still earning less than men.


NZ Herald recently reported that the gender pay gap in public service is still too large, with women earning less than men in the sector.

Despite being named first in social progress, it seems not much has improved since the 2012 report published by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, which claimed that “New Zealand is making slow, incremental but unspectacular progress for women in many areas”.

Some of the greatest discrepancies lie in corporate governance, where – the report says – “it will be another 35 years before boardroom equality is achieved”. Below is a table from the report, detailing a comparison of women in top positions in the private sector:

HRC gender report

Women are also not equally represented in other high power positions in both the public and private sector. They still make up “less than 30% of judges, less than 25% of senior academics staff, and less than 20% of top legal partnerships”.

Women are better represented and paid in sports (30%) and the Corrections Department, which “tops major public service departments in ensuring the implementation of equal pay and pay equity”.

Overall, however, the gender pay gap is huge. The report says that “nine government departments have more than a 20% gender pay gap”.