NZ toy reaches number one in US

NZ toy reaches number one in US

Founded by New Zealand siblings Nick, Mat and Anna Mowbray, Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons have been the number one top seller in the United States for the past three months.


Zuru Bunch O Balloons

The toy is capable of capable of filling and tying 100 biodegradable water balloons in a about a minute – and is proving a hit with children across America.

“You have to start somewhere so it started really small, just knocking on doors, selling these little kit sets,” the New Zealand Herald quoted president and director of Zuru, Nick Mowbray, as saying.

“We started in a garage, the cliche, and then moved to selling them shop to shop and then from there Mat said let’s move to China. I had just done my first year of university and he said let’s pack up and just go so I thought okay. So we packed up, flew to China, set up and it went from there.”

Zuru’s annual turnover is about half-a-billion dollars – and plans are afoot to partner with Disney and Dreamworks for movie franchises, including Finding Dory and the Trolls.

“It’s pretty awesome. It’s probably the number one toy in the world at the moment, based on official data out of the US it’s been number one since March so it’s pretty amazing. I think the next best toy on the list is selling two or three times less than Bunch O Balloons,” added Mowbray.

“At the end of the day it is a commercial business and so while it’s fun, there’s also a lot of stress. It’s a fashion industry – things are really hot, really quick and they get really big, but then they can drop off just as fast so you have to have your finger on the pulse all the time to keep the momentum going.”