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New Zealanders rate highly for generosity

New Zealanders are a generous bunch, according to a new publication.



New Zealanders are a generous bunch, according to a new publication.

The Economist magazine has released its Pocket World in Figures 2013, which ranks everything from boozing levels and smoking, to divorce rates.

New Zealand was No 4 on the list for charitable behaviour, with 57 per cent of the population giving money or time to a charity or stranger in the month before the survey was done.

It was based on the World Giving Index, which looks at 150 countries and their charitable behaviour.

New Zealand had been top, but this year the United States was No 1 with 60 per cent, Fairfax NZ reported.

Least generous were Greece on 13 per cent, Croatia on 15 per cent and Madagascar, bottom on 12 per cent.

Volunteering New Zealand chief executive Vanisa Dhiru said the organisation was not surprised with New Zealand’s ranking.

There were 1.2 million volunteers accross the nation.

“Kiwis generally have a ‘get stuck in’ mentality. If there is something that needs to be done or said, we are a nation that will try our best to help, particularly in times of disaster and response.”

That included those who were coaches, served on school boards or were on residents’ associations, thing people may not consider as volunteering,

More than 3000 people had contacted Volunteer Wellington this year wanting to help, and Oxfam New Zealand executive director Barry Coates said New Zealand’s continued generosity was encouraging.

“Despite tightening our belts, Kiwis are thankful for what they have and want to reach out to others.”