The New Zealand flag debate

New Zealand has a history of debate over whether the national flag should be changed. Kiwis will vote on whether New Zealand gets a new flag during the next Parliamentary term.


Flag Poll001_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Mark Winter is an award-winning New Zealand cartoonist, designer and film maker and his pen name, Chicane, signifies a deceptive bend. He is currently living in London. He has a masters degree in semiotics and, to be fair, it’s still a matter for local debate whether Mr Winter’s more rarified academic studies into the science of decoding static images do more to explain his own work than being fried by a near-fatal electrical shock as a 21-year-old, when he was belted from the mains while he tried to clean a car. A few weeks later he put a fork down a toaster and got banged again. (And people call cartoonists cynics . . .) Mark has always had a penchant for travel, which oftentimes has required him to file his cartoons from afar. Mark is always available to take commissions for artwork, caricature, cartoons or illustration projects. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch. @ChicanePictures