New late summer and autumn In2Touch leagues

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New late summer and autumn In2Touch leagues

With the Summer touch seasons over now we look forward to getting the most out of the last of the summer sun. In2Touch are offering some Late Summer touch leagues at different locations around London. Many if these leagues have started already however we do still have space for any individuals that are keen to join in on all this fun


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There are leagues in Regents Park where the teams are loving the sunshine and social aspect of getting out and playing some touch with their mates or work colleagues. The Regents park late summer season has just passed the halfway stage with teams looking forward to the finals and putting in everything they can to get their teams to the finals.

There is also a September Shootout happening at Clapham common on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings that has two weeks left as the Shootout is a short league lasting only four weeks. The Shootout is a slightly different format to the normal touch leagues, teams now play two times 20 minute grading games against different oppositions on a night and then the finals week is played as drop off versions of the game. A drop off is normally when a decider of a game when at full time the teams are tied they go into a drop off. This is played with five players starting instead of the usual six and the first touchdown scored wins the game.

On Sunday 14 September we saw the start of the Autumn Touch League at Clapham Common. There are Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed divisions available to teams with a few divisions in the mixed league. As it was the first week if the league it was grading games for the mixed teams to determine where they are placed for the remainder of the league. It was a gloriously sunny day and teams were loving being outdoors in the sunshine having a run around. This league will run for eight weeks with semi’s and finals in the last two weeks.

Lastly In2Touch have continued to offer up our Active Touch leagues to all that enjoy this highly fast paced new indoor sport. It is played indoors with four players on the court at a time, two girls and two guys. Active Touch involves hand/eye coordination with ball skills and the ability to have spacial awareness on the court. It is a cross between netball, football, touch and many other sports with the opportunity to play in the colder months. Teams love this game and can’t wait until it opens up after the summer seasons.

The Active Touch leagues take place at two different venues in London with Canary Wharf played on Mondays and Wandsworth played on Thursdays.

There is still space for players to join any of these leagues in either our individual teams or we could place you in an existing team that needs a few extras for the season.

If you are interested to join in on these awesome leagues please email [email protected] or have a look on our website, for any other information and hopefully we can get you involved as soon as possible.