New Entrepreneur Visa makes investing in NZ easier for UK citizens

Investing in New Zealand is now easier. New Zealand’s High Commissioner, Sir Lockwood Smith, announced a new Entrepreneur Work Visa to make it easier for UK investors to capitalise on New Zealand’s dynamic growth economy.


As more UK entrepreneurs and investors scan the globe for a safe haven in which to invest their money and business skills, many are now turning their attention to New Zealand.

On Friday 4, New Zealand High Commissioner, Sir Lockwood Smith KNZM, Ph.D. announced a new Entrepreneur Work Visa to make it easier for enterprising UK business people to invest in New Zealand’s dynamic growth economy.

Speaking at an event to launch the new Visa in the UK, Sir Lockwood Smith said: “The New Zealand Government is actively promoting foreign investment with a range of business and migrant-friendly policies. Our stable and internationally competitive economy has one of the best tax and regulatory systems in the world. We wish to welcome those looking for business investment opportunities to our country, along with their families who may be seeking a new lifestyle.”

New Zealand Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse explained: “The new business visa policy is designed to attract talented, enterprising, well-connected business people to invest and grow businesses in New Zealand. We particularly want to encourage innovative, export focused businesses.”

For the savvy investor, New Zealand has it all – The Economist has described the country as “an entrepreneurial powerhouse, leading the world in the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

Mark Williams from law firm, Lane Neave, explained the attraction of New Zealand for investors: “New Zealand is a hotbed of talented and skilled people. An entrepreneurial ‘can do’ attitude is very much part of the kiwi business culture. Report after report ranks New Zealand as one of the top places for commerce1. It is the most business-friendly environment in the world; has the least corruption globally; the best protection for its investors; and is the easiest place in which to start a business.”

The application & commitment that is often seen from the All Blacks on the pitch is reflected in the approach taken by some of New Zealand’s most successful companies. Inspired by their landscape, geographic isolation and independent spirit, New Zealanders make things happen.

Added to this, New Zealand has a very favourable tax environment and is a perfect launch pad for international trade, particularly into China and the burgeoning ASEAN markets. New Zealand’s top-notch triple AAA credit rating has been confirmed by ratings agency, Moody’s, highlighting a strong economy expected to grow by 3 per cent this year.

New Zealand offers clean living, infinite leisure opportunities, moderate climate, low crime rates, excellent education, and quality food and wine.

The Social Progress Index (SPI) for 2014 ranks New Zealand 1st in the world, out of 132 countries. The SPI defines social progression as “the capacity of a society to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities to enhance and sustain the quality of their lives, and create the conditions for all individuals to reach their full potential”.

Investment and business opportunities are available in a wide range of sectors. New Zealand excels in traditional industries such as marine, food and wine. The country is currently witnessing the growth of globally-significant, cutting edge technologies including ICT, the creative industries and health and life sciences.

Furthermore, the Christchurch rebuild is a NZ £40bn project and has emerged as a particularly attractive investment opportunity for European investors.

Sir Lockwood summed up the launch of the new Entrepreneur Work Visa, concluding: “Our economy, culture and governance systems result in fewer barriers for investors and business and more opportunities for success.”

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