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Mother’s Day: What to get the mom that already has everything

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you are probably still trying to think of a gift to get your mom.



If your mom is anything like mine, you can’t get her anything that she hasn’t already bought for herself… and if she hasn’t bought it for herself, there’s no way I can afford it!

After decades of doing Mother’s Days exactly the same I’ve gotten pretty creative. If you are struggling with gift ideas, try thinking outside the box.

Moms care more about the thought and effort, rather than material things. Use this to your advantage and get creative. As a starting point here are three things you can do that will surely surprise mom on Sunday!

Breakfast in Bed

It seems easy and cliche, but so what! Set your alarm, wake up extra early, prepare her favorite dishes and surprise your mom with breakfast in bed, straight from the heart. If you don’t know her favorite breakfast foods, start asking subtle questions, like what her favorite fruit is or if she prefers sausage or bacon in the mornings.

Make enough for the entire family and eat together if you want, or allow her some peace and quiet in the morning. Either way, she’s sure to love your breakfast straight from the heart!

Family Photo Session

Sometimes, moms just want something to remind them of their wonderful family and hard work. Return the favour by setting up a family photo session so she can have something to look back on forever.

Get the whole family to buy some new clothes from Boden so everybody looks their best. For savings, check out discount codes from Groupon. When the session is over, you can take it a step further and select pictures to make into a calendar. If it turns out to be a hit, you can make it a tradition and Mother’s Day is taken care of for years or decades to come!

Send Her Away

It may depend on your family situation, but a lot of busy moms just need some time alone to relax and forget about the insanity of running a family. If your mom fits this profile, consider sending her away for the day.

Research the spas in your area and see what treatments they offer for what prices. Find the perfect spa, book it, pay for it, and drop her off. Take care of gratuity and everything so that she can 100% relax and not worry about a single thing.