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Meet one of the many awesome In2Touch teams and join in their fun

The post-game chat isn’t pointing fingers at who did what wrong, it’s about finding the fun in the game.



Post winter league Sunday matches, you won’t find Touch players heading on home to get ready for the week, or to do jobs, or catch up on the washing.

No, you will find them following the muddy brick road across the pitches to the local pub.

The post-game chat isn’t pointing fingers at who did what wrong, but more so fits of laughter over how you got stepped by a girl, dropped an intercept, scored on the 10 metre line, not the try line… it’s about finding the fun in the game.

One London club does this rather well and this is their story.

Hothot, adj.

Of high temperature: very warm: animated: passionate: new: much favoured: spicy: fiery: sl. good, quick, smart: charged with electricity: near the object sought: of news, fresh, exciting:

Of music, sport etc: activities which are intensely played with complex rhythms and exciting improvisations: skilful.

Custardkus’t∂rd, n.

Sweet mixture (of milk and eggs etc.): sauce, served hot or cold.

Hot Custardhot kus’t∂rd, n., adj.

Having a good rapport whilst performing: amiable, play to play, not to win: a recipe for fun: social sporting team based in London, known for having fun and enjoying their sport.

“Hot Custard is a bunch of people having fun playing sport. And once the sport is done (and often before) we move the fun to the bar! What do you need to enjoy Hot Custard? Just yourself and an ego that doesn’t inflate. Maybe some footwear too, though that’s optional.

“For us, it’s not the winning; it’s the looking good that counts. But every now and again we accidentally get good at something. Hot Custard is basically a long extension of friends and an excellent place to be. We don’t judge people on ability or hipness, and we consider ourselves post-game specialists; the end of a match is just half-time in our book…

“And as for the name – where did that come from? Well, that’s a long story. So you’re in luck, we like to tell stories… come over and ask us sometime. We’ll be at the bar”

As said last week, touch is more than a sport; it’s a way of life. Hot Custard is only one of many, many teams in London that take a sport, mix in social fun and create an atmosphere full of people who are genuine and just there to have a good time.

To get involved and join in the awesome atmosphere that we have at In2Touch, go to www.in2touch.com , LIKE the In2Touch page on FACEBOOK or e-mail Jess at [email protected]