Massive whale bone discovery on Kaikōura peninsula

A veritable graveyard of whale bones have been uncovered on the Kaikōura peninsula near Jimmy Armers Beach.



The bones are believed to be more than 150 years old – and have been protected by the Department of Conservation since Sunday’s discovery.

The Department of Conservation had to intervene amid ongoing threats of theft from poachers, after heavy rain washed away the sand covering the bones.

A nearby whaling station from the 1800s is reported to have housed the bones.

“What people see is just a fragment of really, really large bones that we can’t even get out,” said DoC community ranger Brett Co wan.

“We are hoping that Mother Nature will cover them up in due time, but if that’s not the case we might have to seek permission to get a digger down there and move a bit of sand around.”

While about two truckloads of bones have been removed, barriers have been put up to surround the rest, which will hopefully prevent further theft.