Marama Davidson: ‘C**t’ is for cheers

Co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party, Marama Davidson is attempting to take back the word ‘c**t’, effectively questioning its use as derogatory.


Davidson used the word on several occasions during a recent public event – and later stood by her remarks despite collective outcry from her fellow politicians.

“I stand by using that word,” Davidson told Newshub.

“That word is a powerful word for women and shouldn’t be used as abuse.

She also tweeted: “If women get called the *C* word by men who are trying to death threat us into silence and intimidation – the least we can do is disarm the word and claim it back, *C* is for Cheers :).

“I simply reclaimed it at a rally after it was used at me in a death threat. That’s not a campaign. That’s just me talking.”

New Zealand deputy prime minister Winston Peters stated Davidson’s language was “appalling” and “terribly degrading” – and opposition National party spokesperson for women Paula Bennett called it “disgusting”.