Love & Calendars: The story of FreshTake Publishers

Long distance online relationships are notorious for failing. Well, actually it’s just a bit more than failing; they tend to have a habit of creating newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons.



Back in April 2011 David Hammond and Jennifer Chiodo met online. In this day and age it is not that unusual, however, their story is a little bit different; David who hails from Kaitaia was living in Wellington and Jennifer had just returned to Connecticut in the United States after spending four years in Jerusalem working for World Vision.

Long distance online relationships are notorious for failing. Well, actually it’s just a bit more than failing; they tend to have a habit of creating newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons. Either they end in drug smuggling charges or someone is defrauded out of thousands of dollars.

But Jennifer and David’s story is a little different after several visits to each other in June 2013 they married in Connecticut. Since then they have settled in Wellington and started their own publishing business.

FreshTake Publishers is a rarity in New Zealand. Their calendars, cards and canvas prints are all printed in New Zealand. It really is a New Zealand made product; they use their own original photos, and everything is designed and printed in New Zealand.


FreshTake Publishers started in May 2014 when David suggested to his wife Jennifer that they should turn her photos into a calendar for her friends and family back in the US. Since May 2014 it has expanded to include greeting cards and canvas prints. This year they have produced five calendars—a mammoth effort for a husband-and-wife team.

The calendars are so much more than just photos; their premium calendars have 100 words of commentary for each month along with a map of New Zealand showing where each photo is taken. The words are Jennifer’s observations on her new home, making them more than your average calendar.

David Hammond says “We like to think that our calendars are mini canvas prints; small little pieces of artwork that are movable and that you can take with you, especially if you’re flatting.” He continues “Most people use an electronic device to mark the passage of time these days, but we think one of our calendars is a great and inexpensive way of adding a touch of colour and a touch of Kiwiness to your home or flat.”

Oh and before I forget there is another special feature of the calendars that is just a little bit different. There are editions of their calendars that have overseas holidays and observances; UK, US and Canadian, as well as Australia and New Zealand holidays.

Canvas Prints

If your budget is slightly larger I would recommend taking a look at their canvas prints. Not only are these great for your home but Jennifer Hammond reassures me they are an ideal way for businesses to stand out from the crowd and create a sense of uniqueness in what is often a very crowded marketplace. While FreshTake Publishers does have a range of sizes listed on the website the reality is they can make them to your specific requirements so do not hesitate to ask about getting a canvas print that meets your specific size requirements.

As well as all the prints listed on their website go on over and take a look at their portfolio of approximately 180 photos on their Facebook page. While many of these photos on their Facebook page are not listed as prints Jennifer Hammond reassures me you just need to ask if there is something catches your eye and you would like it turned into a canvas print for your home or business.

Personal Service

“One of our great frustrations is that people take a look at our website and various social media pages like Facebook and think we’re a lot bigger than we are” says Jennifer Hammond. Being small means they have the flexibility to add a personal touch and to be a little bit more than just your average publisher.

“It means if you want a small handwritten message added to your gift for friends and family we can do that as well as shipping the parcel for you” says David. But it’s not service that comes with a huge price-tag.

Their calendars and cards are shipped free to anywhere in the world. Jennifer says “People have a hard time believing that our calendars which range in price from $9.99 to $15.99 include free shipping to anywhere in the world but like our relationship it is real. ”