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Lorde’s first Grammys performance

Lorde is continuing to float up to the heavens, and it has just been announced that she will also be giving the world her first ever Grammys performance.



AFTER Miley Cyrus twerked her way into every  tabloid because of her vivid performas at the VMAs, it is hard to imagine how the Grammys can top such entertainment.

Luckily we are happy to report the Grammys have just announced Lorde and Katy Perry will both be performing at this year’s show.

Lorde is making history, as we are about to witness her first ever Grammys performance… something that should not be missed.

Both nominees will take to the stage along with other major musical acts like Pharrell Williams, who will join The Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers for a performance with Daft Punk.

While there is still no word on Miley Cyrus flying to the stage, her VMAs partner in crime, Robin Thicke, will perform alongside Chicago!

Metallica will also take to the stage in a special performance with Lang Lang.

The Grammys are going to blow us all away this year.