Lorde is just like all of us

Lorde posts photo of her ‘acne cream face’ to Instagram to show the world she’s normal too


NEW ZEALAND singing sensation made all her fans feel super special by posting a photo on Instagram of her sitting in bed with her nightly dose of acne cream.

By such a simple act of normality she immediately showed the world even though she usually looks like a million bucks and can grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, she is still a normal human being with normal human being issues like normal human being acne.

In a world of extremely high social standards and perfect public image, it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to relate to people who we consider to be the epitome of perfection that causes daily low-self esteem.

In this day and age it is a blessing to have down to earth celebrities that make us feel special rather than worthless.


Lorde captioned her post: “In bed in Paris with my acne cream on”. Source: Instagram