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London Touch Rugby Update: Touch for 2014 bows out on a high

The Sunday Individuals Team joined in on the festive spirit for their final game of the season, sporting traditional Christmas attire


The Sunday Individuals Team had a fantastic season in the Late Autumn Mixed League. Each season there are a few individuals who want to join a Touch Rugby team but find the task of rounding up a full side to be a real challenge at times.

So we like to help them out by putting a group of players together in the league and then they play as a team for the rest of the season. The individual team this season have gotten along perfectly and each week they make their way to the pub to have some drinks and snacks after an active game of touch.

At the last day of the Sunday league the players are also planning on entering their team on their own in the next Mixed league at Clapham Common.

The Sunday Individuals Team were dressed to impress for their final game of the season as they were celebrating the festive season wearing their Christmas jumpers and hats while playing. Fiona Manning-Blakey had this to say about her individual’s team “It’s fun, social and a great way to meet new people in the local area. We did really well for an individual’s team over the weeks, we really moulded together to play as a team and we ended up winning our division in the league.”

One of the players down at the Sunday league Nick Matenga on playing the game “This old timer still dazzles the younger players with my bro skills”, he comes down every now and then from reading to play in the league and to catch up with the teams.

There are new leagues starting in January and February in 2015 at Clapham Common on a Sunday as well as the Active Touch leagues in Canary Wharf and Wandsworth. If you are interested in joining these leagues then send an email to [email protected] or have a look on our website, www.in2touch.com/uk for more information

Originally published on: TheSouthAfrican.com