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London Touch Rugby League Update: Hot Custard is on fire! Meet one of London’s most active Touch teams

Here’s an indoor sport that will keep you fit and still allow you to socailise during the off season/winter period


Active Touch is an indoor spin off of Touch in the UK for the off-season/winter period. It is a fantastic way of keeping fit, socialising and staying dry on those glorious rainy days. The game is a mixed sport so it is played with four players, two girls and two guys and games are 30 minutes long.

Hot Custard loves Active Touch and has played in every season since it started in London three years ago. They always have so many players wanting to play the game that they’ve had two teams on each night of the Wandsworth League. This is the first season that they only have two teams on one night a week as most of their players are Teachers/Aussies that love to travel over the quieter periods.

Hot Custard 3

Hot Custard has won almost all of the Active Touch Leagues in Wandsworth but with lots of experience being gained by their oppositions they could have a tough task ahead of them. Hot Custard is a very social team but they are competitive on and off the pitch. Their players want to win the game and the drinking at the pub afterwards too.

Hot Custard 4

Hot Custard had a cracker of a time in Touch, winning most tournaments including the NTS (National Touch Series) & CTS (Club Touch Series) this year. Some of their main play makers have played in the Australian National Touch Team. They are full of fun and always the life of the party with many late nights out after a normal league game on a week night. They also like to include these amazing touch players that no one has seen before but somehow they come over to London knowing to join the Hot Custard team, we like to say these players are fresh off the boat. We know for sure their end of year party will be a very festive evening with lots of stories to tell the next day.

If you would like to join any of these Active Touch Leagues we do have space for a few more players at Canary Wharf on Mondays and Wandsworth on Tuesdays in the individual teams. Please contact Tracy on [email protected] to see how to join in with the fun or you can have a look on our website, www.in2touch.com/uk

Hot Custard 2