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Enjoy the best Blackjack games at William Hill Casino. Play our vastarray of casino games and discover our great promotions and new player bonus!


Enjoy the best Blackjack games at William Hill Casino. Play our vastarray of casino games and discover our great promotions and new player bonus!

Live Blackjack

Blackjack has become one of the quintessential casino card games. The historical roots of Blackjackare thought to be imbedded in pre-revolutionary France. In those days, the game was referred to as its non-increasablemaximum; ‘21’. It was only when the game was introduced to the budding US gaming industry that its popularity began to shoot up. In an attempt to bring in new customers, and increase revenue, American casinos began to offer bonuses and promotions. One such promotion contained a hand made up of the Jack of clubs or the Jack of spades and the Ace of spades. From that time on the game became known as‘Blackjack’. Nowadays, any hand comprising a card worth 10 and any Ace denotes themagical 21 figure.

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is an easy game to pick up. Each game begins after the player places his or her first bet. The dealer dispenses a pair of cards, one of which is placed facing up. The purpose of the game is to build your own hand and beat the hand that the dealer is holding without exceeding a total of 21. To this end, players can choose whether they want to:

  • hit (select another card),
  • stand (keep what they have), and
  • split (divide the pairs and place a subsequent bet which means taking one new card for each split card).

Once the wagers have been endorsed, the dealer will reveal the unseen card. If the dealer busts, that is to say the dealer goes above 21, the contestant wins. If the player’s hand fails to beat the amount of the dealer’s, then the player’s hand is defeated.

Pit your wits against real life dealers

Blackjack is best enjoyed when contested against a live dealer. The advantages of pitting your wits against a virtual croupier are demonstrated at the united kindgom’s william hill live blackjack platform.The charm of playing in this type of virtual casino is the mixture of human contact at the card tables as well as the amazingly advanced computer visuals; which all goes to enhance the individual’s gaming pleasure. The upshot is; it looks and feels just like a conventional casino. But the game can be still enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or even from a mobile handset. There is something really quite reassuring about improving one’s gaming abilities in a super safe and regulated setting, particularly as the actual dealers are not just stylish and attractive; they are strikingly proficient and very professional!

Live Blackjack: Easy to play

Because Blackjack is so easy to master, it’s not such a big step to take the leap in to live blackjack. The game’s pure simplicity is favoured by large numbers of people for the reason that it demands skill, tactical judgmentand a slice of luck. Additionally it is not difficult to become familiar with and the chances of gaining the upper hand over the dealer are quite decent.

The best thing about greatvirtual casinos is that contestants can intermix and play in front of an actual dealer. This has turned online Blackjack in to one of the leadingdraws on the internet!