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Once in a lifetime experiences with In2Touch

It has been an event packed week for the In2Touch crew! Not only are we half way through our April Shoot-out and Active Touch leagues, but this week also saw the holy grass of Twickenham Stadium adorned by touch players.


intoThat’s right – Twickenham Stadium. On both Tuesday and Thursday last week, In2Touch hosted touch events at England’s home of Rugby.

With the teams taking part having players with all different playing experiences – all teams were quite evenly matched.

This was an experience that truly encapsulated the words ‘once in a lifetime.’ Players were given the opportunity to stand in the hallowed halls, surround by the words that are the last read by the England team; “Hundreds before you. Thousands in front of you. Millions behind you”, running onto the pristine pitch where so much history has been made – to show the arena what moves they had.

With 14 teams on the Tuesday and 10 on the Thursday – it was an intense round robin competition that would determine the best of the best. To help them be the best players they could be, a wealth of knowledge and experience was available on hand.

Two World Cup winning English Rugby legends turned coaches led teams, and passed on advice where needed. Graham Roundtree and Mike Catt were the VIP’s of the day, stepping foot back onto the ground where they both have made so many memories.

Along with these well-known English players – we also had some England Representative Touch players helping referee the day. Angela Verniquet, who has represented England at the European Championships and Home Nations was passing along her vast array of knowledge also. And, sure enough – was giving Mike Catt a run for his money!

In2 Touch can proudly lay claim to being the only touch rugby provider hosting events on Twickenham for its players and both days were pulled off with huge success and greatly enjoyed by all.

And speaking of big events – we are now only days away from the first In2Touch social gathering of the year!

April shoot-out party

Bringing back the roaring twenties in style, Thursday 17th of April at Gigalum is set to be adorned by girls in pearls and guys in ties. Following the huge success of our “Cowboys & Indians” themed shoot-out party last April, our first social event for 2014 will be the April Shoot-out “Flappers & Gangsters” party. There will be prizes for best dressed male and female – so gals, make sure to grab that bobbed hair wig, short low-waist dress with pleats and gathers (all the better to Charleston in). Guys, think Gatsby – slick, sleek and sophisticated (because, that’s what we all are like on a touch night out, right?)
The 20’s epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the nights away – what decade could describe a touch night better?

For more info go to www.in2touch.com/uk , calll 020 8542 0827 or email [email protected]