Leaving for the UK: Your countdown checklist

UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Use our countdown checklist to help you plan ahead for your UK trip.



UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Use this countdown checklist to help you plan ahead for moving to the UK.


8 Weeks Before You Go

  • Call 1st Contact for visa applications, opening a UK bank account and to purchase a Kickstart Package.
  • Send your CV to your local 1st Contact office for free job assistance with top recruitment agencies in London.
  • Confirm that your flight ticket and relevant visa documents to enter the UK are in order.
  • Consider joining a frequent flyers scheme when you book your tickets – it’s a long way to London so you’ll earn many points.
  • Check that your passport is still valid for at least six months and that you have plenty of blank pages for travel visas and immigration stamps.
  • Ensure all your financial obligations are up to date, e.g. tax returns, change of address, contact and payment details, etc.

6 Weeks To Go

  • Visit the dentist before you leave as UK dentistry is pricey.
  • Organise a will and power of attorney with a family lawyer. The power of attorney will enable someone you trust the power to act on your behalf in your absence.
  • Check with your mobile phone provider to see if your phone is unlocked for use in the UK and Europe or if they can unlock it.
  • Set up a web-based email account to back-up your CV and references, etc.

4 Weeks To Go

  • Notify the post office, bank, credit card companies, and so on, of your new forwarding address, e.g. your power of attorney.
  • If you are a landlord, inform the utilities companies of your departure date and ensure that all outstanding bills are settled.
  • If you rent, ask your landlord for a reference as this will help enormously when looking for accommodation in the UK.
  • If you are travelling to the UK via other countries, confirm any relevant visas for entry clearance and get vaccinated if needed.
  • Notify your council and/or government that you’ll be unable to vote due to travels.

3 Weeks To Go

  • Collect your bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds.
  • Organise your initial accommodation for the UK.
  • Change your CV to a UK format as it will be rejected if it’s in the wrong format. 1st Contact can provide this service for you.

2 Weeks To Go

  • Tie up all loose ends: cancel memberships and close accounts.
  • Make copies of all documentation – passport, flight tickets,travellers’ cheque receipts, insurance docs, etc – and put copiesvarious places where they can be easily accessed in an emergency.
  • Arrange travel insurance – it can be difficult to to do so after arriving in the UK.
  • Organise storage for your belongings while you’re away.

1 Week To Go

  • Email your CV to your web email and check that it arrived.
  • Start to pack.

Say All Your Goodbyes and get to the airport early!!

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