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Kiwi takes the first ever wingsuit flight from Lover’s Leap [Video]

Watch Dan Vicary take the first wingsuit flight from Lover’s Leap.



IMAGINE  a life full of adventure, risk and freedom. Picture yourself floating through the sky with your arms stretched out to the heavens.

Like Icarus exploring the skies but never getting burnt. Sounds awesome, right? Right.

This is what New Zealander, Dan Vicary, does for a living.

This passionate Kiwi is a dedicated professional BASEjumper and skydiver, his lust for life and passionate dream of human flight has taken him from NZ across Australia to the Idaho Desert, remotest China, Thai beaches & Malaysian skyscrapers… to Europe, where in the Swiss Alps he is flying with a dedicated group of pilots & jumpers who are pioneering the very latest in BASEjumping & wingsuit flight.

On 7 November 2013 Dan returned to New Zealand to take on the first wingsuit flight from Lover’s Leap, Glenorchy.

The leap is 110m height with a ‘rock drop’ of only 4.5 seconds – meaning Dan had to be flying forwards by this time, which to people not familiar with the ‘rules of wingsuit flight’ means what he did is pretty awesome.

Watch the video here: 


‘I’m so stoked to come home – after flying the flag for NZ BASEjumping at 2 competitions this year – and complete a jump I have been thinking about for so long!’ – Dan Vicary, November 2013For more information about Dan Vicary’s adventures go to www.danvicary.com