Kiwi Noticeboard: Your personal information

Kiwi Noticeboard: Your personal information

Advisory and tips about your personal information on the UK Kiwi Noticeboard.


The purpose of this noticeboard is to help get people in touch with each other. Be aware that when you respond to a post you are entering into a regular email conversation with the person who posted the notice, on your own email service that is not within a Blue Sky Publications website. The other person will be able to see and reply to your email address in the usual manner. Likewise as a poster, although your email address will not be visible on the public notice itself, when you reply to a response to your post it will at that point become a regular email conversation on your own email service, where you can see and reply to each other’s email address.

We recommend you do not divulge any information not absolutely necessary to the conversation or transaction and certainly never divulge information such as passwords, bank account numbers and credit card numbers.

Your email will also be added to the database to receive the New Zealand Times eNewsletter and occasional Blue Sky Publications promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time. YOUR ADDRESS WILL NEVER BE SHARED by us with another party other than a person you reply to via this noticeboard as detailed above.

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