Kiwi hairdresser ‘dies’ three times, survives

A New Zealand hairdresser who went into cardiac arrest while doing her job ‘died’ three times before a bystander revived her with emergency CPR.



Lisa Boyd was busy with her first client of the day when she blacked out and collapsed on the floor of her barber shop in Taupo this week.

Boyd said: “I went to work and was pretty much through my first hair cut when I just collapsed. I had a sudden cardiac arrest. I died three times that day. I’m quite fit and have never had heart trouble before.”

Hayden Carthew, a trained paramedic with more than 10 years’ experience, rushed to her aid.

He said: “I was told she was having a seizure. When I got there she was on the floor and not breathing. I just got on with the job at hand and no one else was there to do it. I just thought of her kids and instinct just kicked in.”

A post by Boyd’s sister, Mandy, on the Facebook page for Lisa’s barber shop said the fortunate survivor was “on the mend” following the incident.

The post read: “Thank you all for your caring thoughts and concern. I am happy to put everyone’s minds at ease. My beautiful sister is now awake and on the mend.”