Kiwi grannies get their Tay-Tay on and Shake It Off

For many, moving to a retirement village is the beginning of the end, but a group of ladies at the Julia Wallace Retirement Village in Palmerston North have defied that thought by remaking Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’ music video.



The women, led by septuagenarian Margaret Gregory, were encouraged by Ryman Healthcare to do the video, and the company paid for the filming and production for a week.

Gregory said that it was purely for fun, and that they would consider doing another video in future.

She said: “We were lucky, it was a brilliant day – Palmerston North weather obviously – and we were able to have fun and everybody was able to get out and let ourselves enjoy it.”

The special needs teacher added: “This video is not just about me. It’s about all the others who took part and wanted to show people how wonderful it is to live in a village like we do and express ourselves, relax and enjoy each other.”

Watch it here:

And here are some photos of the behind the scenes action: