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Justin Bieber in New Zealand

Justin Bieber says he admires the passion of his legion of screaming fans.


Justin Bieber

JUSTIN BIEBER says he admires the passion of his legion of screaming fans.

The teen heart-throb, currently in Auckland, played a secret gig for a select group of fans last night.

He told TV3’s John Campbell he feels special when he hears the cries of his devoted fans.

“To have that much passion over something or someone is really admirable,” he says. “Each time I hear a fan scream, it’s very special to me. I never take it for granted.’

He admitted he found the intrusion of the paparazzi difficult, but it came with the territory of being an international star.

“I love performing. I love my fans. Making music and performing in front of so many people – that’s my passion. There’s always ups and downs to everything, but I wouldn’t change this for the world.”

He said Believe – which is the title of his latest album and now a tattoo on his arm – is a central theme to his life and music

“Whether you believe in God, whether you believe in yourself or your dreams, it’s just good to believe. It gives people hope.”

He is in New Zealand to promote his new album, and is travelling with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

IMAGE: Adam Sundana via Wikicommons Media