UK Tier 2 Graduate – Can I switch from a student visa?

Will I be allowed to switch into UK employment from a student visa upon graduating?


UK Tier 2 Graduate Visa

Q: I will be finishing my degree later this year and am currently working part-time for an employer who is interested in employing me on a permanent basis on completion of my studies. Will I be allowed to switch into UK employment from a student visa?


A: The UK Government has recently changed the immigration rules in order to allow graduates to switch into UK Tier 2 (General) employment. It sounds as though you are an ideal candidate for this permit.

The UK Tier 2 (General) permit is open to recent graduates with a Bachelor, Master, PhD, PGCE or PGDE from a UK recognised or listed body. You will need to have a skilled job offer from a licensedUKemployer and be paid at least £20,000 per annum or the minimum appropriate rate for the occupation. Your employer will not be required to complete a resident labour market test (advertising the position) and the job will not be subject to the annual Tier 2 limit.

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