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It’s official! NZ better than UK and Aus in preparing students for future

New Zealand is the best country to prepare students for the future, according to a major study conducted by the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the Yidan Prize Foundation.



That’s quite a mouthful, yes, but well worth the effort, as the study evaluated education systems in 35 countries across 16 indicators.

New Zealand came out tops, Canada second and Finland completed the podium finishes. The United Kingdom only came sixth – and Australia just eighth. The rest – and their ranking points – are listed below.

1. New Zealand 88.9
2. Canada 86.7
3. Finland 85.5
4. Switzerland 81.5
5. Singapore 80.1
6. United Kingdom 79.5
7. Japan 77.2
8. Australia 77.1
9. Netherlands 76.2
10. Germany 75.3

“The reasons behind this success are twofold. Firstly, New Zealand views educating for future skills as a broadly-agreed strategic imperative: it is a small and remote country, with the vigilance that comes with knowing that it has little choice but to be globally competitive,” read an excerpt from the study.

“Secondly, it has a systematic government-led approach to making its education system fit for purpose, across technology, teaching, curriculum and collaboration with industry.”



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