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In2Touch Sunday League kicks off

Autumn is the time when most people begin to dust off their trench coats and woolly jackets, preparing for months of cold and dark nights ahead. It’s also the time when the In2Touch Sunday League gets underway, to take advantage of the last few days of Sunday sun.



The Sunday League runs through autumn and winter, and with four separate divisions: men’s, ladies, and two mixed divisions. It is definitely a place for young and old, or novice and experienced, players to sign up and enjoy a touch league that attracts players from all around the M25.

And why not, when for the first two weeks of the league, there has not been a cloud in the sky, but a light breeze to cool players down. Who wouldn’t want to be involved?

The teams that have signed up this autumn feature many established faces. The likes of Hot Custard, Galaxy, and CSSC (who wouldn’t mind us naming them in this group of clubs) have been playing every year, no matter what time of year it is. They just enjoy the competition… and social pint in the pub at the end of the day.

What is heart warming to see is the teams and individuals who, having played all summer, venturing out of the comfort of their local O2Touch league and join in here, making a mate or two on the way through the Sunday League.

The league began on the 20th of September, with all the teams putting in the effort to get out of bed after a late Saturday night to push towards the finals that will be played at the end of the eight weeks.

There are 24 teams playing in this year’s autumn league. While the league is now full, do not be put off as there are leagues starting up all the time.

Otherwise, if you are unsure if touch is for you and want to give it a try, there are free O2Touch training/taster session taking place every Sunday in Clapham Common, Regents Park, and Richmond.

Make sure you have a look online at www.in2touch.com to see when and where the leagues and training will begin. While you are there, take a look at some of the action photos and see what you are missing out on.