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In2touch: annual touch world cup

This past Saturday the 20th September saw the 7th annual In2Touch Social World Cup Touch Tournament which was held at King George’s Park in Wandsworth and what an awesome day of fun social touch it was.


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This exciting autumn touch tournament sees teams get allocated countries were they then have to dress up in fancy dress outfits as anything from that country. There were 20 teams all in wonderful outfits having a great day out playing some touch, with the odd teams consuming many beverages throughout the day to make it an interesting tournament at the least. The teams included such countries as USA, New Zealand, England, Samoa, Sweden and Kazakhstan. And the outfits included various ideas like England were Crusaders/Knights, Japan were Ninjas, Australia were Prisoners and the winning fancy dress team were South Africa dressed amazingly as Springboks.

As for the touch part of the day there were 4 pools of 5 teams and plenty of touchdowns scored throughout the day. After everyone played each other in the pool games it went down to quarter finals which were played between France and New Zealand, Greece and England, Sweden and Germany, Australia and South Africa. The winners of those games went through to Semi Finals which were France vs Australia and Germany vs England. The Semis were played in a great spirit with even the one Semi going into a drop off to decide the winners. Both France and Germany made it through to the finals where some amazing class of touch was brought by both teams. In the end Germany pulled away by scoring exciting touchdowns and winning the final! Kalem O’ Sullivan from the Germany team won the prize for best touchdown.

With the finals over with it was time for teams to finish up their drinks and get ready for the after party at G.J’s in Wandsworth. There was a live band and some bottles of delicious toffee vodka for all the teams to get everyone in the mood for a great party. Many players had more moves on the dance floor than on the touch field but it made for a wonderful night out. Even after a whole day of touch the guys had plenty left in them to give it their best for the entire evening.

It was a fantastic day out and as many players put it the best touch tournament of the year! Thanks to all the Referees, the Venue Managers and all the players who made this day such a success and we look forward to planning next year’s Social World Cup.

There are still spaces left to play our Sunday Autumn and Active Touch leagueas an individual so if you are interested please email [email protected] or have a look on our website for more information,