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In2Touch – Finals fever takes over Regents Park

This past week Regents Park hosted the first of the O2Touch finals for the spring leagues in London. The weather was on our side throughout the week and the sun shone high for all teams to enjoy their final game.


Finals week is the time when teams take the very friendly competition and come out early to warm up to ensure they take home the trophy and be names WINNERS of their division.

Tuesday finals results from Regents Park:
Tuesday saw The Frosty Boys win the men’s division in a close fought game against The Kingies. In the Mixed Social A division, Green & Gold beat Honey Badgers 6 – 4, Social B saw Evolution FTNP take on Quick Service, Evolution ran away with the game winning 12 – 5. London Ladyboys took the Social C division by beating Useless Simpletons 6 – 4. In the final Social division the winners were Touch For London, who played Ladies Love to Dump.

Green and Gold-1 (3)

Want to see how the Wednesday and Thursday finals went, please click: O2Touch RP results.

To give you an idea of scale of the O2Touch league that in in Regents Park. Touch is played on four nights of week, Monday to Thursday. With men’s and mixed divisions running on each night. In total there are 212 teams taking part across 19 divisions and with an average of 10 players per team that is a staggering 2,120 players that turn up each week to play.

Being in the city of London, Regents Park is convenient for many teams Among the teams that play you will find bankers, solicitors, school teachers and a whole host of teams comprising of colleagues that enjoy the sense of friendly competition in the British summer.

Next week the other London O2Touch venues will have their finals and with the weather forecast looking promising, why not go along and watch touch being played in a park near you. Our recommendation would be to head down to Putney/Wandsworth (King George’s Park), where the best players in London and England play each week. The Super League played every Thursday from 19:00 till 21:00 plays host to all of the top touch clubs in London and many players that represent England, Wales and Scotland at a national level. You will be spoilt with a choice of men’s, ladies and mixed divisions.

A selection of the finals results from the other five London venues will be published in next weeks article.

Please visit www.in2touch.com/england to see how you to sign up.