Hunting fried chicken in London

I’ve eaten a lot of fried chicken in my life, more than is healthy for a human being. When I moved to London I was amazed at the amount of chicken joints around, I estimate in the 7 flats I have lived in over the yrs I have never been more than 500m from a fried chicken shop.



I think that should be the new measurement system. They are literally on every high st and normally in groups of two or 3. Lately we have seen a resurgence of gourmet, good quality fried chicken as part of the whole street food revolution so I basically spend my free time sampling different types of fried sundries. I have also recently discovered that one man is mostly responsible for all the fried chicken shop signs in London. 

First on the list was Wishbone down in Brixton Village. I had heard good things about this place and wanted to get some of their greasy goodness inside of me. I was immediately impressed as I was wearing a t-shirt of a well known BBQ joint in Texas and the waiter recognized my shirt and questioned me about it so I knew he was serious about his food. We decided we wanted a Selection of stuff so went for the standard fried chicken, some Korean wings, deep fried Mac n cheese, mash and gravy and slaw all washed down with some delicious cocktails. The chicken itself was really good, juicy and tasty and definitely of a higher standard than your average fried chicken, the wings were delicious and covered in an awesome spicy sauce. I would say the highlight for me though was the deep fried Mac n cheese, which was basically balls of Mac n cheese covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried, they were unbelievably good and I would travel to south London again for them.


Next on my hit list was the elusive Mother Clucker, I had been trying to sample these guys poultry delights for while now but had failed many times, once at street feast I lined up for 30 mins to be told they had sold out, and once at the Shacklewell Arms when I visited with the specific plan of getting chicken I managed to get drunk and forget to order. I was concerned I would never get to try it but finally one day I was strolling through brick lane and came across their van. I was very hung-over and very hungry so I jumped in line and ordered the sandwich meal deal, I had to wait while they freshly cooked a new batch of chicken but oh my god, it was out of this world. Mounds of freshly cooked buttermilk chicken breast on a delicious brioche bun with a drink and fries, I was in heaven. Easily some of the best fried chicken I have sampled in my travels and well worth the wait. So juicy, massive and delicious. if you ever want to impressive a FC fan take them here, order the sandwich and watch the juices start to flow.


Next: Orange Buffalo

Viva La Chicken.

As a kiwi with a British passport try as they might the UK government cannot rid themselves of Alex Ward. He has been lurking in London for the last 7 years spending his time hunting out the best spots for food, drinking, watching bands and partaking in any of the other numerous activities only London can offer. Feel free to check out his travel blog or find his musings on Twitter



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Try as they might, the UK government cannot rid themselves of this kiwi with a British passport. Alex Ward has been lurking in London for the last seven years, spending his time hunting out the best spots for eating, drinking, watching bands and partaking in any of the numerous activities that only London can offer. Feel free to check out his travel blog or find his musings on Twitter

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