Our humble Lorde

After flying high up to the musical heavens, Lorde has not only got a spot performing at The Grammy’s but has also been nominated for a one, and you would think this has gone to her head… you would be wrong.



LORDE has done New Zealand proud by skyrocketing into the music industry in record time, and now she has been nominated for a Grammy at the mere age of seventeen. Her music has spread across the globe turning her into Pop royalty.

One would think that all this fame has gone to her head, but no… Our little Queen B is humble as pie about the whole thing.

She said: “To be honest I’m not gonna be too stressed if I don’t come home with anything. It would be super awesome to win a Grammy, I mean it would probably be the craziest thing that will ever happen to me if it happens, but it definitely won’t cheapen or make less anything I’ve achieved.”

She’s been in the music scene for, what, like a day and already she has been nominated for a Grammy and will be performing at the award show among musicians like Katy Perry, Metallica and Dave Grohl.

The songstress continued to say: “I think the growing I’ve had to do in this last year and what I’ve done creatively… I’m pretty proud of myself and I don’t think that’ll change whether or not I get this prize. But yeah, it would be nice.”

Well everyone is holding thumbs for this Kiwi songbird.