How to pick the ideal nappy bag

One of the most valuable and important items for a new mother is a good nappy bag. It is pretty much a lifesaver when you are on the move with a baby.



Not having a good bag can make your life extremely stressful and create trouble during your outings. There are some basic necessities any bag should have. There are also a few extra advantages certain bags offer which make them ideal for any kind of travel.

How effectively does it store the items?

There is a set list of things a typical baby would need while on the go. The most common items would be nappies, wipes, a rash cream, a change of clothes, bags for dirty nappies and clothes, a changing pad, nursing cover, feeding bottle and a few of your baby’s favourite toys.

Apart from these items, there will also be a list of things the mother needs to take around including her keys, sunglasses and electronic devices. It is going to be hectic for the mother to take an extra handbag with her while carrying a large baby bag, therefore, one that serves both purposes will be ideal.

However, it is important to remember that having a large bag isn’t enough. It should provide the ability to store things methodically. You don’t want the dirty nappy bag to be anywhere close the fresh clothes or the food.

At the same time, having the feeding bottle in a place that can undergo harsh impact would not be safe. The phone and the keys of the mother should also have a separate safe area. Designer nappy bags have specific apartments within them to allow items to be packed safely and neatly. This way, a mom would know where to reach in order to retrieve an item she wants without any issue.

How easy is it to handle?

There could be certain bags that look fabulous, have enough space and provide easy packing. However, these bags could be a nightmare to take around. The straps might be complicated and the shape could be hard to handle. Therefore, it is very important that you handle the bag a little before purchasing it to ensure that you will have no problems in taking it around.

What is it made of?

Baby skin is very sensitive to different textures. The material that the bag is made of should be taken into consideration due to this. If the baby has certain allergies to the material, any contact that the baby’s clothes and nappies make with the bag may be detrimental.

At the same time, certain materials make irritating sounds when being handled. These might be a problem for you if they wake up your sleeping baby.


How good does it look?

You don’t want to be carrying a bag that looks clumsy around with you all day. Therefore, it is okay to give a little consideration to how the bag looks. There are plenty of simple yet classy bags to be found and investing in one of them will be valuable on the long run.


Don’t think too much about the money you will be spending on your baby’s nappy bag. It is an essential item to make your life as a new mom stress-free and enjoyable. A bag that fulfills the above criteria will ensure that you can go around with your baby without facing any major issues.