How to gain the attention of all your students in the classroom

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How to gain the attention of all your students in the classroom

Keeping and gaining the attention of all your students in a classroom is a tad bit of a challenge for almost all educators.


The biggest reason for this is that the actual attention span of a student is for the most an hour and nothing more than that. If it is a longer period of time that you are there for, and if the subject matter is not the most exciting, you will see students beginning to drift off into their own worlds. But as an educator how do you hold their attention? How do you make sure that they make the most of what you are telling them?

Make Even Boring Topics Interesting

Whether you are a permanent educator in an organization or involved in simple casual relief teaching, make sure that you make all the subjects you educate kids about interesting. This will greatly depend on what topics you address and what kind of age group you are dealing with. Include fun and everyday practical situations in the most boring of details like in Chemistry or Physics, so that it helps the students learn it better while also remembering the matter and enjoying it. The more boring a classroom is, the less the students will absorb the material. If you make things interesting, there is a better chance that the students will learn faster and remember longer.

Form a Bond with Your Students

Put yourself in the shoes of the student. Who do you remember and respect the most? More importantly who do you feel the most affection towards? A tutor who was strict with you and made you feel intimidated, or that tutor who was sweet and kind and treated you like family? Chances are that it will be the latter. Now that you have the chance to become the source of somebody else’s inspiration and confidence, why not do it the right way? Why not give your students a friend in an educator that they know will understand them and have their back? If they can talk to you about anything they want, chances are that you will be able to educate them on a subject that is far more important than any syllabus, which is life.

Become an Active Educator Always

Nobody likes to be around somebody who makes it very obvious that they are doing a job and a job alone and are not very happy doing it either. Be active. Nobody would feel inspired or interested in listening to a tutor who goes on and on reading off the book and delivering notes by the book-full. If there are activities, take part in them with the students, give your own simplified explanations of the subject matter that you read off from the books. Do not sit in one place and simply educate them blandly, mingle with them, walk around the classroom, use positive body language to let them know that you are right here in the moment, which will automatically get their focus to be in the moment as well.