Hiring a private investigator: What to know

Hiring a private investigator: What to know

Private investigators are hired professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced and specialised in research, supervision and other ways of investigation.


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Even though private detectives are not police officers there are many of them who come with a criminal justice background. There are several states which count this as a necessary credential when it comes to working as a licensed private investigator.

Private detectives work for private companies and individuals. In certain cases, even attorneys hire them, to extract valuable information for a case.

What is the work of a private detective?

One of the chief reasons people hire these investigators is because they provide a wide range of services. Every private investigator does not do all kinds of work, and this is why before hiring one’s services, make sure that you go through their expertise and experience so that it matches the job that you wish to achieve.

Some of the common work of a private investigator would include:

  • Investigating on a particular individual, such as a cheating spouse
  • Investigate about a person who has sued you for an injury that you are not convinced of
  • Finding a missing person
  • Case search for an attorney
  • Locating stolen property or valuable objects
  • Background check for a potential business partner or employee
  • Criminal background investigation
  • Set up surveillance devices and monitoring systems including GPS monitoring.

Points to consider when hiring a private investigator

When you will hire private investigator, you need to find out a professional who is trusted, experienced and qualified. Sometimes, to select such an investigator can turn out being a taxing work. You can however follow a few useful tips when it comes to hiring an efficient private detective:

  • Referral

It is most likely that you would be sharing private and personal details with this individual and hence it is always good to hire someone reliable. Carry on as much research as possible. Go ahead and ask trusted relatives and friends.

Go ahead and read as many reviews as possible on private investigation services. Asking for references is a must from your potential private investigators as this would be very useful for your future case.

  • Checking through license

A professional private detective service will always be willing to provide clients with their license number. You can go ahead and confirm it in your local municipality and get ensured that it is a valid one. Make sure to minutely check that it has a matching name to the company you got the license number from. Also, keep tab if in case any complaints has been lodged against it.

  • Ensure that they have an office

If you notice that your private detective is only working out in parks, restaurants or over phone, then, it is time, you should move out. It is important for you to find this person, if they are not following your obligations.

  • Education and experience

To ensure that your job is done appropriately, ensure that you find a detective who is experienced and specialised in the task that you require. Do inquire about how much they have done so far which is similar to your care or type and the way they worked out in the past.