Half-hairy Aucklander gains fame on Ellen’s ‘Why I Don’t Have A Husband’

A picture posted on social media of a half-shaven New Zealand man has fetched renown after featuring on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Auckland’s Harley Neville uploaded the image, which depicted his significantly trimmed bushy body, a couple of years ago. It featured in memes around the Internet and, on Wednesday, eventually made it onto American television.

DeGeneres displayed the picture during her ‘Why I Don’t Have A Husband’ segment, which effectively pokes fun at men being gross.

“It’s totally not flattering, and as it happens I’m single, so this is the last thing I need. I’m getting kicked while I’m down, by Ellen. But actually no, I just think it’s hilarious in all honesty,” said Neville.

“She’s got 29 million followers on her Facebook, so it’s great, it’s cool.

“A lot of the people who are commenting and messaging are bear lovers, so like gay men that like hairy men, that sub-culture. So I get a lot of those adding me and messaging me and stuff, which I don’t complain about.”

The 34-year-old Neville has been creating content – monetised and not – for various digital platforms for almost two decades. He also performed in the movie ‘I Survived A Zombie Holocaust’.