Your guide to the world’s best beaches

Here are five of the most jaw-dropping, gorgeous and picture-perfect beaches in the world.


THE world is a beautiful place and it has a huge number of stunning beaches. If you’re looking to sun it up on your next holiday then why not consider some of the world’s best beach destinations.

Whether you’re looking for a lively beach resort or a laid back romantic retreat; there’s a perfect beach out there in the world to suit your holiday preferences. Here are five of the most jaw-dropping, gorgeous and picture-perfect beaches in the world.

1. Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

The Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand has gained a notorious reputation for its partying atmosphere and has featured in films such as Danny Boyle’s “The Beach” which starred Leonardo Di Caprio. The Sunrise beach is particularly worth heading to if you’re looking to party the night away. The full moon parties take place once a month and are notorious for getting a little wild which may be what you’re looking for. During the day these beaches truly are like a little piece of personal paradise.

2. Maldives

maldives beach

No beach countdown would be complete without the Maldives. When youbook a holiday to find your perfect beach, the Maldives should be one of the first destinations you look at. It’s best suited to couples and those who are looking to really get away from it all. You can even treat yourself to a spot of five-star pampering at one of the luxury resorts. This isn’t a cheap destination to head to but it’s certainly worthwhile.

3. Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai

Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai

Dubai is known as one of the most luxurious places in the world. The Habtoor Grand resort is definitely worth looking into. It features waterslides on one side and a swim up bar on the other. It’s perfect for families, couples and singles alike.

The Luciano’s restaurant nearby is worth heading to while you’re staying here for a superb range of dining options and the beach is long and ideal for lounging around on all day and forgetting about the horrible weather in the UK.

4. Blue Bay, Mauritius

Blue Bay, Mauritius

If you’re looking to enjoy a spot of snorkelling, Mauritius is the place to head to. Blue Bay features some of the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world. You can also take glass bottom boat tours across the water if you’d prefer to stay dry while you discover the spectacular underwater world, but either way flora and fauna really needs to be seen to be believed.

5. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Another incredible Thailand beach, Phra Nang Beach is perfect for those looking to lose themselves in a stunning location. It’s only reachable by longboat and it’s also referred to as the Princess Cave.

It’s a truly once in a lifetime experience when you find this beach and you really won’t want to leave. While there aren’t any restaurants available on the island, there are plenty of longboats selling refreshments and snacks.

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